This unit was designed to replay up to sixteen different recorded sound effects on radio controlled model boats, but will doubtless find application in other radio control projects.

So far it has been used to great effect in several battleships to create various types of gunfire, sound horns and klaxons, make ASDIC 'pings', sound 'General Quarters', make aircraft and helicopter fly-bys etc.

All the hard work is done by a commercially available embedded mp3 player module (the  “DF Player Mini” seen in the picture above) and the unit’s microcontroller chip simply serves to decode a spare (proportional) radio control channel used to trigger the sixteen sound tracks.


A radio controlled volume control has been implemented using a seventeenth channel.


  • plays 16 sounds from a single proportional RC channel
  • sounds arranged in 2 banks of 8 to either side of the joystick
  • 20 step volume control
  • integral 3W amplifier
  • supplied with 8 ohm mini speaker and 4GB microSD card containing example sounds




INSTRUCTION MANUAL - 16 Channel Sound Effects Unit


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