In twin motored boats, a rudder mixer allows simple differential speed control of the two motors without the need of an extra  throttle channel or alternatively the use of an upmarket transmitter capable of mixing channels at source. The basic concept is to mix the rudder (steering) demand in equal and opposite amounts with the throttle demand thereby creating two output channels which respond in unison to the throttle but differentially to the rudder. These outputs drive the two motors via their ESCs (Electronic Speed Controllers). Thus, for example, when turning to port the starboard motor speeds up and the port motor slows down to assist the turning action. If the boat  is stationary, rudder application will drive one motor forwards and the other in reverse allowing most boats to literally turn on the spot.

The prototype of this unit received a good review in the 'Airwaves' column of the December 2014 issue of MMI (Marine Modeling International) Following suggestions by the reviewer and feedback from user field trials modifications were made resulting in this final production unit.

The major innovation in this unit is the 'dynamic mixing' mode which gives full motor steering authority at zero and low speeds, tailing off to zero motor steering at higher speeds (cut off point is user adjustable) - this prevents over-sensitive steering at higher speeds when rudder authority alone is sufficient to steer the boat.

The MK2 version is functionally identical to the original unit but has been re-packaged in a smaller custom 3D printed case with a laser cut and engraved clear acrylic top.


  • User selection of V-Tail or Marine Mixing
  • Proportion of Mix variable 0 to 100%
  • User selection of 'Normal' or 'Dynamic' Mixing modes
  • Push button null of throttle and rudder channels
  • Feed through of rudder signal so no 'Y' lead is required
  • Modified throttle output (to feed an engine sound unit) is the faster of the two ESC demands
  • Multiple options for enhancing reverse steering performance





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