• No longer marketed by Technobots, these units will remain available from Forge Electronics (the original designer/manufacturer). A new lower profile 3D printed case has been designed but the original functionality remains unchanged.

    A digital synthesized sound unit with 20 petrol/diesel 'voices' - 10 factory presets plus 10 that the user can interactively adjust to better suit the type of model in which it is fitted. Speed demand input may be by the usual RC interface or by potentiometer for use in manually controlled vehicles like the Toylander childrens electric vehicles for example.

    Toylander builders should note that they need to supply a seperate 5v supply to run the electronics and that the 12v speaker supply may be derived from tapping off the lower 12v battery in the 24v drive system. In addition the signal connectors are standard RC types and thus the supplied short RC cables will require lengthening to suit.

    Please state when ordering if you require the RC or Potentiometer controlled version so that the appropriate printed instructions can be supplied and the unit can be dispatched with this configuration preset.

     Option of RC or Potentiometer input
  • 10 factory preset voices
  • 10 user defined voices
  • Push button neutral & span setting
  • RC Version
         Provision for a second throttle input
         Aux Channel
             Digital (switch)- use for horn on/off OR engine start/stop
             Proportional (joystick) - horn on/off  AND engine stop/start        
  • Pot Version
         Single Throttle Channel - accepts (linear track) potentiometer
         Toggle Switch operates horn
         Toggle Switch for engine run/stop
  • Horn - uses the engine speaker, replacing the engine sound whilst operated
  • Horn - sounds at maximum volume regardless of engine volume setting
  • Push button adjustment (during real-time operation) of 
         Tick over
         Top speed
         Number of cylinders
         Engine 'voice'
         Pitch of the horn
         Idle timeout period
         Voice designer  mode (for custom voices only)
              Set pitch for each cylinder (128 possible values)
              Set duration for each cylinder (5 possible values)   
         All settings are saved into the Sound System's non-volatile memory
  •  Volume control – controls engine sound volume only


INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Programmable EngineSound Unit MK 2 (RC)
INSTRUCTION MANUAL - Programmable EngineSound Unit MK 2 (Pot)

VIDEO - Programmable Engine Sound Unit Mk 2


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postage & packing      £3.50 (UK)      £5.00 (Europe)      £7.50 (Rest of World) 

Please contact John Wills at Scale Warship if you require further information