This timer was developed primarily for Free Flight Scale models to the specific requirements of Kevin Wallace - the owner of SAMS Models and an aeromodeller of long standing, regularly competiting (and winning) in UK National competitions.


Dual Functions:-

  1. The primary function of this timer is to set the profile of the motor run via an ESC (power, run and decay times).
  2. The secondary function is to drive a servo to operate a retracting undercarriage mechanism. The motor power is set by a single turn potentiometer and the motor run and decay periods are set by a simple push button / LED interface.

Key Features:-

  • start delay:- 5 seconds
  • motor soft start:- 3 seconds
  • undercarriage retract:- begins at 8 seconds, transit time 2 seconds
  • motor run duration:- adjustable 4 to 30 seconds, set in 2 second increments
  • motor power:- adjustable from zero to full throttle (by potentiometer)
  • undercarriage deployment:- occurs in last 2 seconds of motor run period
  • power decay:- adjustable 2 to 30 seconds, set in 2 second increments
  • option to maintain undercarriage retracted at end of flight
  • optional servo reverser function to correct undercarriage operation
  • push button immediately stops the motor at any point during the flight profile
  • duration settings saved in memory – a single button push serves to repeat a flight.
  • unique CONFIG mode for setting up ESCs without additional equipment (programming card or RX/TX otherwise required)



INSTRUCTION MANUAL - SAMS Dual Function Profiler (u/c)

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