This is bespoke version of the E36 Competition Timer MK2 adapted to a customer requirement for F1E use. It is available with the following specification only, no further custom development will be undertaken. As it uses the E36 PCB, the F1E functionality is identified by a spot of yellow paint in the chip's orientation dimple.


The former ESC output now drives a bunt servo instead. As the customer did not require the various configuration options of the E36 Timer these have been omitted to simplify the user interface – so only the bunt and DT servo timings can be adjusted. As the timer is not now powered via the BEC in an ESC (as per E36), users must use a 'Y' lead on the bunt servo or DT servo connectors to provide power. A single cell LiPo battery (3.7v) is expected to be used - maximum permissible voltage is 5.5v. At power up or timer reset, a simple battery checking feature operates (tripping the DT) which prevents flight if the battery voltage is deemed to be too low.


Key Features

·        bunt servo operation adjustable up to 20 secs in 0.1sec increments

·        RDT compatible

·        fail-safe of D/T in event of radio system malfunction

·        fail safe period adjustable up to 10 minutes in 15 sec increments

·        battery check feature

·        simple to operate pushbutton/bi-colour LED user interface



INSTRUCTION MANUAL - F1E Competition Timer



   £25 + £2.50 postage & packing (UK)

   other countries at cost

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