I've revisited the infra-red programmed timer/profiler and made a new version, reverting to the original push-button/LED interface - but this time with a much improved setting method, further enhanced by the use of a bi-colour LED. The model shown here is of depron/balsa construction with a 12" span and is powered by a single cell 90mAh Li-po battery and a 7mm pager motor. Again the timer/profiler includes an integral ESC and 8 distinct flight phases may be set by the user. The climb power and climb duration feature serves to quickly get the model above head height and thereafter it continues to cruise at a reduced power to avoid climbing into the ceiling. At the end of the cruise period a slow ramp down of the motor allows the model to gradually descend over a number of circuits in a similar manner to a rubber powered model.

The 8 flight phases which can be set by the user are shown in the diagram below which includes an example of the programming method:-

 A short press of the button serves to start the flight - otherwise continue holding the button until the LED shows green and then release to enter the set-up routine - LED shows dim green. Now press/release the button 'N' times to select the N'th parameter to adjust. Wait until LED goes bright and press/release the button the appropriate number of times to set the value of the parameter - in seconds, five seconds or 5% power steps as indicated in the diagram above. Note the start delay, ramp up, power decay and ramp down will accept zero (ie no pushes) as a valid parameter.

A planned further enhancement is to compensate for the gradually declining battery voltage during a session of 9 or 10 one minute flights to maintain a consistent flight pattern.