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This is "Stumpy" an own design electric control line model from Den Saxcoburg of Dens Model Supplies fitted with the ECL4 Timer (see inset detail in the picture below). The timer is fitted on the fuselage side just below the rear of the wing - well out of the way of the prop for safe access to the push button start or the motor power adjustment potentiometer (particularly if the latter is performed 'live' to judge the delivered thrust). It is mounted on the inner side of the model so the high intensity LED can be easily seen by the pilot during the flight. The seconds of flight are counted off by a brief flash of the LED, but when the last 10 seconds are reached the LED turns ON and just briefly occludes to count off the remaining seconds. This gives adequate warning for the pilot to cease manoeuvres and to prepare for landing. At the 3 seconds to go point, the motor gives a brief set of hiccups (reminiscent of a diesel running out of fuel) to further warn the pilot.

Check out the videos below to see just how well small modest electric control-liners perform. "Stumpy" is fully aerobatic but beginners may wish to start with Den's ACE Trainer whose video also demonstrates the delayed start feature of the ECL4 Timer which allows solo operation.

VIDEO - Stumpy
VIDEO - ACE Trainer