Alan passed away in July 2018 and over the years he developed various electronic gadgets for his model boats and more recently his model aircraft to enhance his enjoyment of the hobby. As a result of the interest shown and the demand for his electronic modules he decided to make certain of these products available to others as his time and energy permitted. Over the last few years I began working with Alan to learn about electronics and as a result undertook the production and assembly work so that he could spend more time on developing new products. I am grateful for the kind permission of his family who have allowed me to continue production of the existing electronic products. Please understand that making custom electronics in small quantities on a hobby basis is more costly than professional mass production.Here you will find information on the various electronic projects aimed at model boats and model aircraft :-

  • Marine Engine Sound Units
  • Sound Effect Units
  • A Rudder Mixer
  • A Servo Controller
  • A Power Distribution Board
  • A Morse Sender
  • An Electronic Speed Controller
  • Timers for Electric Control Line and Free Flight Model Aircraft
  • Servo Operated De-Thermalisers for Model Gliders

Also check out the 'Workshop' page for some more in-depth articles relating to the products, their technology and their applications.This site is NOT a shop! It merely serves as a showcase for Alan's range of commercially available products and other projects in prototype form that could be made available given sufficient interest. See the 'Vendors' page should you wish to purchase any of the released products, otherwise contact me to express your interest. The online will remain as it is with Alan's 'placeholders' in to illustrate the scope of projects he was involved with - so if you find a placeholder for something that isn't currently available then it probably won't be pursued. I will do what I can to help Alan's clients within my knowledge and capability.

John Wills, Scale Warship Ltd, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





UPDATE:  24/1/18   Face Lifted Units  - We've been busy with the botox

Most are smaller and lower profile - all are housed in custom designed 3D printed boxes with laser cut and engraved clear acrylic lids